Dead Line and Hope Road

once again I’m hopelessly far behind on my book reviews but I thought I’d do a little catching up today.

I’ve recently finished Dead Line
by the ever enjoyable Stella Rimington, for those of you who aren’t familiar Stella is the former director general of MI5 and obviously drawing from this experience she now writes spy thrillers, this one is highly entertaining if slightly predictable but definitely worth a read if you enjoy the works of Andy McNab, Chris Ryan, Stephen Leather etc.

next on my list of reviews is The Delta
by Tony Park, I’m not really sure where to go with this one as I think I enjoyed the book but there was something about it that irritated me and I can’t quite put my finger on it. It is essentially the story of a female mercenary hired to assassinate Robert Mugabe and then when that fails going on the run across Southern Africa and ending up in the area she grew up notably the Okavango Delta. I don’t know it is well written, it’s entertaining and relatively accurate in its descriptions of the African veld but I keep coming back to the fact that something about the whole book irked me. I’ll have to try something else by Tony Park and see if I can lay my finger on it that way.

At the moment I’m reading Blood Guilt
by Ben Cheetham, Ben is a new author to me but thus far I’ve really enjoyed the twists and turns of this unusually premised former detective gone bad but still trying to do the right thing novel. Definitely one to keep an eye out for.

Next on my reading list is something that I’m rather excited about as it is the first time I’m going to be doing a reading and doing a review of a book called HOPE ROAD
by John Barlow, the reason I’m so excited about this book is that I was sent a promotional copy of it by the author himself as he’d found and read this blog and cares enough about my opinions and those of you dear my readers to throw himself open to public scrutiny. As I said the book is now at the top of my reading list as opposed to one that I’ve already read but having been engaged in email dialogue with John I have no doubt that it’s going to be a cracker and urge you to support him and his writings. I’ll of course be doing a full review as soon as I’ve gotten round to reading it.

Be swanky people


Mr Bunny Chow


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